Mephistosystem was founded in 2004 and works totally independent. The band neither can be pigeonholed, nor is foreseeable what they are planning next.

The sound of Mephistosystem is between aternative and electro rock. The two albums „Endles Crawl (2006)“ and „Construction Site (2010)“ aroused considerable interest. Concerts in Europe followed, there under as support of scene-size Filter (USA), which atracted an armada of new fans from all over the world.

After the release of the third album „Move the Clouds (2011)“ the interest on the band and their unique music grew steadily. The energy-charged concerts got spoken around and enabled the chance to play also as supporting act of Mark Tremonti (USA). You can be curious, about what the four musicians are comming up with as next.



Abele Franzé: Vocals/ Guitar/ Synth/ Producer

Cristiano Schiavone : Drums/ Back Vocals

Dan Baumann: Bass/ Synth/ Back Vocals

Mario Frei: Guitar/ Synth